In House Custom Training

We are happy to offer a customized workshop for you and your staff. Spend 1-3 days in our training lab in Toronto. We can customize the curriculum to fit your needs and skill levels through our discussions prior to class. Additional charges may apply for groups of 4+.

Our unique “Train the Trainer” approach is a perfect blend of real world scenarios, drink drills, and detail oriented instruction that will both prepare you to successfully run a quality coffee bar and teach others in your organization to do the same.

Example Topics of Training:

  • Equipment maintenance and operation
  • Menu development
  • Espresso extraction
  • Milk steaming
  • Latte art
  • Workflow
  • Speed
  • Efficiency and organization

From the beginner to the seasoned barista, we can format a training to fit your specialty coffee business needs. Our goal is that each person walks away confident and equipped to run their coffee bar with knowledge and excellence.

In our lab:

1. Fundamentals of Coffee: Crop to Cup

Every cup of a finely made coffee begins from the crop. Learn about the farmers who grow the perfect coffee bean and the craftsmen behind a good cup of brewed coffee. Discover the concepts of harvesting, post-harvest processing, sorting and grading quality coffee beans. This interactive course is an introduction of the simple to complex methods of brewing.

2. Café Biz

Learn the S.C.Academy way through firsthand interaction with industry experts and entrepreneurs who manage their own coffee businesses. Know about the different factors involved in creating a café concept, as well as understand the basics of menu development, costing & pricing, inventory management, local area marketing and financial review. This course is ideal for entrepreneurs, prospective business owners, barista trainers and managers.

3. Alternative Methods of Brewing

Alternative brewing methods are becoming an increasingly popular part of the specialty coffee scene. In this informative and hands-on class, students will explore the most popular brewing techniques such as siphon, aero press, hand drip and percolator. This module is a perfect starting point for baristas, café managers and owners. Course includes Hands-on work shop and tasting sessions.

4. Fundamental Barista Skills

A 3-day workshop specifically tailored for baristas who want to improve their skills in the art of coffee making. Learn about roasting fundamentals, the origin or blends for espresso, espresso extraction techniques, milk texturing and workspace management. Course includes practice sessions and practical examination.

5. Advanced Barista Skills

This 4-day workshop delves into the practical skills and tasting ability required to achieve high levels of quality and consistency with espresso coffee. Learn the techniques of grinding, dosing and tamping. Master the techniques needed to achieve perfect espresso extraction and milk texturing for cappuccino and Latte art. Learn as well the fundamentals of 3rd wave alternative brewing methods.

6. Latte Art

This interactive module will cover everything latte-art related — understanding how protein and milk fat come together to create beautiful patterns and how milk temperature can affect the process of pouring. This program is open to professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Workshop includes one-on-one coaching & individual practice sessions.

7. Fundation & Intermediate Coffee Cupping

Students will be introduced to key concepts in sensory evaluation such as the coffee flavor wheel, basic tastes and aroma recognition, and fundamental sensory physiology. Workshop also includes exciting cupping demonstration, the deconstructed coffee matrix, Sensory exercises and actual coffee cupping.

8. Fundamentals of Coffee Roasting

This 3-day module is an introduction to fundamental roasting skills and equipment management. Course outline includes general concepts of heat conductivity/transfer, roasting procedures and mechanics, roasting adjustment, calibration and blending.

9. Advance Coffee Roasting

This program is specifically developed for experienced baristas or coffee entrepreneurs who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the coffee roasting process. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate the profile of roasted beans and learn how to adjust the roasting profile or to duplicate.