We develop our School of Coffee training modules based on our experiences in the field, the countries where our coffees are grown and our laboratory and above all on our relations with roasters, with the aim of meeting your specific needs.

Created and tested by our in-house teams, we offer a diverse range of practical and unique courses to help you better understand market developments.


It is our mission to share our knowledge, experience and solutions to best help you create, build and grow your specialty coffee business. Specialty Coffee Academy Advisors is the only specialty coffee advising company that provides you with everything you need to brew a successful business. From workshops to ongoing consulting, we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Taking a team approach, we draw on the experience of a diverse group of talented specialty coffee-industry professionals to guide you every step of the way, from planting the seed of the idea to optimizing growth to harvesting the fruits of your labor.


This is why we offer the widest range of services in business plan writing, menu and beverage development, equipment selection, marketing strategy, barista training and coffee roasting. From location selection to analysis of competition to on-site strategic planning and training, we can build custom packages to suit your budget and business needs.

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Specialty Coffee Academy has endeavored to provide you with a hands-on interactive learning experience to enhance your coffee preparation knowledge and appreciation. We offer classes for varying ages and skill levels.

We are opening our doors to a repository of coffee-related information and expertise to share with you.

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